Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo College of Music
BA: Studied composition with Reiko Arima 

Research Course: Studied composition with Minoru Miki
Royal College of Music, London
MA: Studied composition with Joseph Horovitz & 

Dr Jonathan Cole, 

piano with Kathron Sturrock & Nigel Clayton, 

received a Gladys Hay Award.

Shin Nami No Kai Competition, Japan 2005
1st prize and ZEN-ON Music Company Award 

Composition – “Haha No Ame”

Tokyo International Competition for Chamber Music, Japan 2008

Composition - Violin duet “Five Dialogues”

Tokyo International Competition for Art Song, Japan 2010

Composition – “Shun-en”

International Composing Competition
“2 Agosto”, Italy 2010

2nd prize
Composition – piece for piano & orchestra
“The Bird that Aspires to the Moon”

Even as a student in London, Ryosuke’s works were performed at various venues around the UK – these included the Red Violin Festival in Cardiff (performed by Alina Ibragimova and Cerys Ann Jones, coached by Professor Madeleine Mitchell), the Clore studio at Royal Opera House, the National Portrait Gallery, and the National Gallery in which all the works performed were his own compositions.

His variation on Howard Skempton’s piece for piano four hands “Primary Colours“ has been published by ABRSM.

His solo piano piece, “What I Saw in the Water…” has been performed by Professor Nigel Clayton and Kathron Sturrock in various UK venues and in Australia and Indonesia. Later on, this piece was made into a set of three pieces for piano solo under the name of VISION(S).

Ryosuke has a particular passion for theatre music, especially ballet and opera, and in 2008 won a commission to compose for the Royal Ballet Draft Works at the Royal Opera House, a piece which he also conducted himself.

After graduating from the RCM in 2009, his music was played in a concert that was part of JAPAN-UK 150 events held by the Japanese Embassy in the UK. In 2010, he was commissioned by Kathron Sturrock, Artistic Director of the Fibonacci Sequence (a chamber ensemble), and gave the world premiere in Cumbria (UK) as part of the Fibonacci Festival.
In August 2010 he won the second prize in International Composing Competition “2 Agosto” with his piece for piano and orchestra “The Bird that Aspires to the Moon” and it was performed by the orchestra di Teatro Comunale di Bologna in Italy, and broadcast on Rai Radio.

His Japanese art songs are highly regarded by many including a well-known Japanese soprano Mieko Sato and some of them have been sung by her repeatedly.

Ryosuke became interested in weaving Japanese musical culture into his compositions, leading him to complete his first chamber opera in Japanese entitled Higekirimaru/髭切丸 in 2016. In this opera, he uses not only male singers but also Satsuma-Biwa, four instruments from Noh Theatre, and a Noh actor. More importantly, he applied some aspects of an ancient Chinese philosophy called Yin Yang Five Element Theory in this composition. The number of performers, selections of instruments (both Western and Japanese), and the construction of the opera have been determined by this theory.

The following year, he gave a conert of his own (Japanese Art songs & piano pieces) in Bologna, Italy, and gave another concert in London in 2019 as part of events held by the Embassy of Japan in the UK called Japan-UK Season of Culture 2019-2020. In the summer of 2022, he gave his 4th concert of his own in Nara, Japan, where he introduced his Japanese Art songs and mono opera set to poems in the Kyoto dialect. In the concert, he also presented his arrangements for four hands from Tchaikovsky’s The Sleeping Beauty, followed by a similar concert in Kyoto.


東京音楽大学作曲科芸術音楽コース卒業、同大学作曲科研究生修了。 渡英後Royal College of Music, Londonにて作曲科修士課程修了。 これまでに作曲を有馬礼子、三木稔、Joseph Horovitz、Dr. Jonathan Cole各師に師事。

2010年8月にはイタリアのボローニャにて開催された国際作曲コンクール「2 Agosto」にて2位受賞。受賞作であるピアノのオーケストラの為の'The bird that aspires to the moon'は、ボローニャにてリッカルド・チェニ指揮、ボローニャ歌劇場管弦楽団によって演奏され、その演奏はRai Radioでも放送される。

作曲家Howard Skepmtonのピアノ連弾曲「Primary Colours」のヴァリエーションがABRSMより出版されている。

Royal College of Music, London在学中より、レッド・ヴァオリン・フェスティバル(カーディフ 2007年)を始め多くの場所にて演奏され、2008年に発表したピアノ曲“What I saw in the water...”は、Nigel Clayton、Kathron Sturrock両氏によって英国内およびオーストラリア、インドネシアでも演奏される。ナショナル・ギャラリーでは初の個展を開催。バレエへの情熱から、同年末には英国ロイヤルバレエ団のDraft Works 2008の為の曲を委嘱され、本人の指揮により演奏される。
大学院修了後、英国の日本大使館主催によるJAPAN-UK 150のコンサートに参加し、自作品を発表。また、室内楽グループFibonacci Sequenceより委嘱を受け、その曲は湖水地方にて開催されたFibonacci Festivalにおいて初演される。
2012年10月、佐藤美枝子、服部容子により「水無月」「はないちもんめ あの子が欲しい」の2曲の初演を含む4つの歌曲が演奏され、また同年11月には、国立劇場小劇場にて、歌曲「沙羅」が出雲蓉の会にて、地唄舞夢とともに演奏される。


日本歌曲にも精力的に取り組んでおり、2017年10月にはイタリアのボローニャにて歌曲を中心とする個展を開催。初演曲を含む歌曲9曲、及びピアノ曲2曲を発表。また、2019年3月、英国の日本大使館主催のJapan-UK Season of Culture 2019-2020に参加し、ロンドンにて同様の個展を開催。

Nato a Tokyo, comincia a studiare violino e pianoforte sin da piccolo, ed inizia a comporre da autodidatta. A soli 12 anni riceve il primo riconoscimento per una sua composizione.

Si diploma in composizione al Tokyo College of Music di Tokyo, dove ha studiato con Reiko Arima e Minoru Miki.

Prosegue gli studi a Londra con Joseph Horovitz e Dr. Jonathan Cole, presso il Royal College of Music, dove inoltre continua a studiare pianoforte sotto la guida di Kathron Sturrock e Nigel Clayton. Nel 2009 si diploma al Royal College of Music e riceve il Premio Gladys Hay.

Nel 2005, ottiene il Primo Premio e il premio Zen-On Music Company Award al concorso 'Shin Nami no Kai'; è stato tra i finalisti al prestigioso concorso di composizione 'Tokyo International Competition for Chamber Music Composition' nel 2008 e 'Tokyo International Competition for Art Song Composition' nel 2010. Sempre nel 2010, riceve in Italia il Secondo Premio al “Concorso Internazionale di Composizione, 2 Agosto”.

Le opere del compositore sono state eseguite in Inghilterra, Giappone, Italia, Australia, Indonesia e sono considerate per la loro armoniosità di sicuro successo anche nel futuro.

Grazie al suo interesse per il teatro ed in particolare per il balletto e l'opera lirica, nel 2008 ha ottenuto l’incarico per la composizione di un brano musicale in occasione dell’evento “Royal Ballet Draft Works”. Tale composizione è stata eseguita nel 2008, diretta dall'autore stesso.

Nel 2009 le sue musiche sono state presentate durante gli eventi 'Japan-UK 150', organizzati dall'Ambasciata Giapponese nel Regno Unito. Gli è stata commissionata da Kathron Sturrock una composizione per 'Fibonacci Sequence', presentata nella Cumbria, Regno Unito durante il Festival Fibonacci.

Nel 2016, ha completato la sua prima opera lirica intitolata ‘Higekirimaru/髭切丸’.Nel 2017, ha dato un concerto a Bologna, Italia. Nel 2019 ha dato un altro concerto a Londra durante gli eventi 'Japan-UK Season of Culture 2019-2020', organizzati dall'Ambasciata Giapponese nel Regno Unito.

Né à Tokyo, Ryosuke apprend le piano et le violon dans son enfance et rapidement il se passionne pour l’écriture de la musique. À 12 ans, il reçoit une première reconnaissance pour ses talents de compositeur.

Il remporte le premier prix de Zen-On Music Company Award dans le concours « Shin Nami no Kai », au Japon, en 2005, puis le deuxième prix du Concours International de Composition 2 Agosto, en Italie, en 2010 avec sa composition pour piano et orchestre « The bird aspires to the moon ».

Durant ses études au Royal College of Music de Londres, Ryosuke donne des représentations à travers la Grande Bretagne – Notamment à Cardiff au Red Violin Festival en 2007 (interprété par Alina Ibragimova et Cerys Ann Jones, encadré par Madeleine Mitchell). Sa composition pour piano solo :‘What I saw in the water…’ est jouée par Nigel Crayton et Kathron Sturrock non seulement en Angleterre mais aussi en Australie et en Indonesie.

Ryosuke a une grande passion pour la musique de théâtre, surtout pour les ballets et les opéras. En 2008, il gagne le privilège de composer une musique qu’il joue/dirige lui-même pour le Royal Ballet Draft Works au Royal Opera House. Au mois d’octobre suivant, il donne son premier concert exclusif à la National Gallery.

Au terme de ses études au Royal College of Music en 2009 et sa composition est représenté à l'occasion de la manifestation culturelle du JAPAN-UK 150, organisés par l’ambassade du Japon en Angleterre. En 2010, Kathron Sturrock le commissionne pour son ensemble, « Fibonacci Sequence », qui est présenté en première mondiale à Cumbria en Angleterre en participation au Fibonacci Festival.

Au moins d’août de la même année, avec L’obtention de son deuxième prix au Concours International de Composition 2 Agosto en Italie, sa composition pour piano et orchestre est exécutée à Bologne et radiodiffusé sur Rai Radio.

Ses compositions de chants japonais sont beaucoup appréciés de la cantatrice soprano de renommée mondiale, Mieko Sato et plusieurs de ses travaux ont été interprétés par celle-ci à maintes reprises.

Son goût prononcé pour le mélange culturel musical du Japon dans ses compositions l'inspire pour son premier opéra, « Higekirimaru/髭切丸 », en 2016. L’année suivante, il donne un concert exclusif à Bologne, puis à Londres en mars 2019, en participation à la Japan-UK Season of Culture 2019-2020, une manifestation culturelle donné par l'ambassade du Japon en Angleterre.


Photograph Copyright Jac Depczyk.